Phasmophobia is our 2020 Co-op Game of the Year
6:49 pm

2020 was a very strange year, but at least we were able to find some comfort in our games. Especially when it came to co-op gaming.

To kick off our new Thou Art Dead website, I present to you, the TAD Co-op GOTY, Phasmophobia! If you have not heard of Phasmophobia yet, it is a 4-player first-person view ghost-hunting psychological horror game with optional VR capabilities. It was released in September 2020, and even as it’s still under the “Early Access” tag, it is a wonderful experience best played with 3 other friends.

As a ghost hunter, you and your friends are sent to various locations to seek out, find, and identify various types of ghosts. You are tasked with taking pictures and using a variety of ghost hunting equipment to track down the ghost in each location before you are hunted and killed.

The maps range in a variety of sizes from a small house to a large asylum. And although the game could still use some polish, it is a fantastic experience for a group of friends that are sure to run into some shenanigans.

Phasmophobia can be purchased on Steam, currently at the full price of $13.99.

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